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I have quite a few parts that need priming as soon as the sun will shine long enough. I sand all the parts, including some from the panel assembly. The front face needs some attention as a few low spot need filling.

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Today :  1h (Total : 94h)

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I begin by drilling the holes for the USB ports. It's not esay to make to nice small rectangular holes. Some more filing to do on this one.

Then I isntalle the small bracket on the subpanel that will get the clamps for the throttle and mixture cables. The bracket is supposed to go where I have installed the radio trays. So after some tweaking, theis is the end result. The bracket is bolted to the transponder tray using two countersunk screws.

This is the top of the tray, I drilled two holes to be able to use a screwdriver to install then two screws. This has to be done before installing the radio tray.

To end the session I disassembled the park brake valve bracket as I 'm not satisfied with how it looks. I'll make a new one tomorrow.

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Today :  4h (Total : 93h)

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Now that everything is out of the fuselage, I have to install the angles and the nutplates.
I first install the rear part of the fuseblock support bracket. I found the subpanel to be a bit flimsy so I fabricated a reinforcing angle. To install it I had to "unrivet" one of the angle that had been riveted for the mapbox.

The picture shows some of the nutplates and the angles (on the right) for the AOA processor.

Once all the parts riveted, I turned to the panel again to drill the holes for the AOA pushbuttons.

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Today :  4h (Total : 89h)

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I took apart the whole panel and subpanel assembly to install all the hardware, then it will be priming and painting time before beginning the wiring

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Today :  2h (Total : 85h)

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The EFIS can be updated via a USB port, which can also be used to record the flight parameters. The port is at the back of the EFIS, but a port can be installed in the panel using an extension cord. Before drilling the panel I make a test on some leftover angle.

This is where the left USB port will go.

And the right side.

Here is one of the connector strips, it's the one that will be used for the EIS sensors.

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Today :  1h (Total : 83h)

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