Publié 17-09-2011 19:30:48
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Today I begun by installing the propeller. Not very difficult, the bolts have to be torqued and the safety wired.

I then tried to install the aileron boot rings, this is to avoid fresh air entering the cabin via the hole in the fuselage side. I'm not very happy with the end result and will modify the hardware next time it comes off.

I also completed the electrical circuit by installing all the fuses, I still have all the audio to check.
I then checked the controls throw and found the following.
Elevator up 29° for miniumum 25° and maximum 30°, elevator down 24° for 20° mini and 25° max.
For the ailerons, 32° up and 17° down on the allowed max mark.
For the stab trim :18° up and 27° down below max authorized.
For the flaps, 45° down, the max value.
The rudder had been measured during rudder stop fabrication at 30° on each side.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  4h (Total : 78h)

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