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Visiting Pont sur Yonne
At my aero-club, one of the flight instructors, Patrick Wadworth, has drawn, developped and built his own design of an airplane the PIWIP 01. You can have more information about this on his website :

The aircraft is hangared at Pont sur Yonne with the Amateur Builders Association (ASCAA)

During this visit, I also met Jean-Pierre. He has built a superb D18.

I also had the great pleasure to make two flights in a Croses Cricri, it's a Pou du Ciel like.

The first flight was with Paul BOUDIN, the builder and owner of the aircraft. At 84, he made me discover how to fly an aircraft which has no ailerons (so banking is obtained via the rudder and induced roll).
Paul insisted I make a second flight with Patrick at the controls. He showed me the quite amazing stuff you can do with this type of configuration : slow flight and tight turns, power and attitude configuration one wouldn't dare try in a conventional configuration.

None of these aircraft type is anything we want, but the discussions about building we had there were very interesting.

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