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We have made a decision
After viewing lots of internet sites, meeting a few people, visiting here and there, we have decided we will build our own aircraft.

This decision is mainly motivated by the fact that it's very difficult to find the type of aircraft we are looking for and this while remaining within our financial envelope.

Certified airplanes are very expensive to buy if you're looking for some performance, or then they are equipped with very expensive to run engines (250hp or more).

Amateur building allows the investment to be spread over a time (but obviously you're not flying during building time), It's also a project by itself, a challenge with a very exhilarating goal.

Choosing a model to build is not done so easily, there are hundreds of designs available (see Links page), only a few would match our criteria.

The next article will explain why we have chosen the Van's RV-7A among the finalists.

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