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Californian RV-8
Silicon Valley builder
On one of my flights to California I have met with Mark Russel, he's building a RV-8 in his garage in Sunnyvale. My sister lives two blocks from his house and she saw the plane in the garage so she just asked if I could come by.
Mark is building a Quickbuild , this is not allowed in France. He should be ready to fly in a few month, the power comes from an injected XP-360 Superior engine with horizontal induction.
The panel is almost finished with GRT EFIS, Garmin stack. As I'm quite interested by the GRT products, I got to see the EFIS working. I'm very impressed.
We also chatted about engine options and equipments (ignition, exhaust...), about lights, sticks...
A very interesting visit and nice welcome from Mark.
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