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The intrument panel
Our ideas, our planning for the instrument pannel
The panel is one part of the building where each builder can create his own universe provided the result is still folowing the regulations and being a minimum ergonomic.
The aim is to build a simple panel for a VFR aircraft bearing in mind cross-country capability. There have to be at least the basic instruments (altimeter, speed indicator, variometer, heading, attitude), engine instruments, fuel gages, navigation instruments (GPS) and communications (VHF, intercom, mode S transponder). There will also be a clock, g-meter maybe an angle of attack indicator and an autopilot.
All this instruments can be individually installed to get a very classical looking panel. I'm more interested in integrated instruments (EFIS), the project could have the following looks:

Basic panel

and more expensive

The price of the instruments is either decreasing, or there are more functionnalities. The price is also quite equivalent to a classical instrument panel with the advantage of simplicity regarding connexions and panel drilling.
For the time being, four products seem suited to my purpose and price bracket, they all have different possibilities regarding architecture and functions. For the moment GRT and Advanced Avionics have a small lead over Dynon. I'm less interested in the Blue Mountain products. This is only speculation the real planning is still some time ahead.
Here are some screenshots (click on the name to navigate to seller's website)
Advanced Flight Systems GRT Dynon BMA
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