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Outside lights
Our choices about nav lights, strobes, taxi and landing lights.
Globally the only oblective is to be seen from the souside world as the aircraft will only be used for day-light VFR. But, traffic being what it is in the Paris area, I think it is better to be well seen. Having pondered the installation of an all-in-one desing by Creativair, we have opted for the equipments described further down.

For the nav lights we choose to install a LED system sold by Jeff Bordelon (RV-7 builder). The package includes the two nav lights and two strobe lights.

Fot the rear nav and strobes lights, the only solution is to buy the integrated system sold by Vans.
The strobes will be powered by an AVIPAK controller from Creativair.The landing lights are based on the system sold par Vans and fabricated by Duckworks.

These lights are installed in the leading edge of the wings. The drawback of these lights is that they are old technology and somewhat fragile. I would like to replace them with Xenon HID optics using less electricity and having a longer life expectancy. The problem is the Duckworks lights are expensive (450$ for one). On the net I found these lights that are less expensive, with aviation type bulbs (DS1S), I will try to adapt them to the wing using the method described here.
The car lights install didn't work as expected so we will use two classic Duckworks lights. The wingtip nav and strobe lights install can be seen here.
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