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Thoughts about the engine
Van's recommands using Lycoming engines, all the firewall is built around these engines. The RV-7A may be powered with a 160 to 180hp engine, and Van's has an OEM agreement with Lycoming for these engines.
A lot of different engines have been adapted all around the world by daring builders.
First engines that are called Lyclones, they are buils the same as Lycomings but are not certified. Three manufacturers are mostly cited on the internet : Aerosport, Superior and Mattituck. Those engines are less expensive than genuine Lycomings, but are built on proven technology and may be maintained at Lycoming workshops.
Some people are using engine coming from the automobile industry. Two type of engines are available: a Subaru engine modified by Eggenfellner and a Mazda rotary engine. The advantage is that engines use automotive gas but all the firewall forward (engine mount, cowl) needs to be adapted. And we these engines you have to use a constant-speed propeller, which would up our bill.
Some diesel engines are being developped but few are in the right power range or are two heavy. For the time being, Deltahawk is developping an engine which might look promising but progress seems to be going quite slowly.
A new engine is in the making, it's based on the Wankel technology ans is being developped by Mistral, testing is in progress but the price seems quite high.
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