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.. us
We are four in the family. The kids, Antoine (23) and Guillaume (25), and the parents Sabine and Pascal.

We are living in the east of Paris in a small village called Croissy-Beaubourg. (at the center of the picture, in the right part of picture, the house with the three-colored roof is our home)

Sabine is a part-time german teacher and after taking an exam in bakery and pastry is working her onw company (see HERE).
I'm Pascal, the webmaster, and A330-A340 captain with Air France.
We are all amateur musician, more or less talented.
We all more or less like flying around in small aircraft, which has been made possible again since the renewal of my private pilot's licence.

My project, which will naturally become our project, would be to own an aircraft. I 'm very interested in kitplan building.
The website's aim is to show the progress of the project.
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