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.. the website history
A listing of the updates since the website has been created

November 2014Installed Xoops update
October 2013Installed Xoops update 2.5.6
ng>April 2012Installed Xoops update 2.5.5
November 2011Installed Xoops update 2.5.4
October 2011Installed Xoops update 2.5.3
November 2010Installed Xoops update 2.5.0
August 2010Installed Xoops update 2.4.5
January 2010Installed Xoops update 2.4.3 - Updated photo album
December 2009Installed Xoops update 2.4.2
October 2009Installed Xoops update 2.4.0
September 2008 Installed Xoops update 2.3.0
Change multilangage tool to EMLH
September 2008Installed Xoops update
March 2008Installed Xoops update 2.0.18
December 2007Installed Xoops update
December 2006Installed Xoops update 2.0.16
June 2006Added scrolling text on home page
December 2005Modified the "Building log" block menu. As more categories are added, the menu would grow to long so I made it auto-extensible.
Octobre 2005Added our home weather block
July 2005 Xoops update
May 2005 Articles in new category "Project"
Substancial modification of the\r\nwebsite's structure, the photo album has been deleted for an easier management of the photos in articles.
Added "Status" image on the right of homepage.
April 2005 Added a sitemap, preparing a blog implementation
March 2005 Added articles and photos "Meetings"
January 2005 Website is online
December 2004Website development on local computer

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