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Engine start
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Today at the hangar I met Jéremy, whose RV-8 has been flyiong for a few months now. I told him I wanted to try to start the engine and he offered to help.
So we first disconnected the fuel line after the gascolator and ran the fuel pump, we did the same after having disconnected the line at the spider inlet.
We cranked the engine with the top plugs off, to get the oil pressure up.
We then got the plane out of the hangar, choked it, tied it to Jeremy's car. The engine started after two blades and died. I had forgotten to open the fuel valve!!!
The second start went again without problem, I tested both mags, the alternator and all seemed to work properly. Only glitch was high idle RPM.
After two minutes I shut down, put the plane back in the hangar, checkd for leaks and ajusted the throttle throw to be able idle the engine.
I will have a video of all this tomorrow.

I then worked on the wingroot fairings to notice that since I'm struggling with them, I install the seal the wrong way (upside down).
The picture shows the wrong way with a little dip on top of the seal.

This is how it has to be done, the top being smmoth.

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Today :  3h (Total : 102h)

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