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Squaring and fluting
Catégorie: Wings : Ribs

Today, all the remaining ribs got squared and deburred. Then I tackled the fluting problem. The rib has to be fluted so as to stay flat on the tabletop and so as the holes are aligned with the wingskin holes. For the main ribs this is quite easy to achieve, not so for the leading edge and tank skins. For the latter, each correction in one way may be cancelled by another correction. I went slowly.
On the picture, a leading edge rib before fluting.

The same after fluting.

And as all the ribs are done, I clecoed them to the spar. This way I could mark and also mark the spot where I will drill for the electrical wire conduit.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  5h (Total : 10h)

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