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Catégorie: Fuselage : Center part

The session begins with the fabrication of some small parts : four spacers and four attach straps.

Then four seat ribs have to be modified. The big hole has to be cut a bit more to allow room for the control column. On the picture you can see the three steps : one rib as it comes from Vans, the second with a hole cut with the hole cutter and the third which is complete.

Then two ribs get modified with the installation of a small door to allow the installation of the control column. I'm surprised only two ribs have to be modified as the installation of the control column spans four ribs, I think I'll modify two more ribs to get better access.

Then the ribs are clecoed to the main bulkhead and to the seat bulkhead. The baggage ribs get clecoed to the seat bulkhead.

And to finish the day I cleco into position the center fuselage lower skin.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  3h (Total : 4h)

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