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Left gear leg fairing
Catégorie: Finishing : Landing gear

I have begun the installation of the right gear leg fairing. The directions in the plan are somewhat confusing and the reference line is missing on the fairing; So should I cut on the upper part of the fairing?

Or on the lower part?

I slided the upper leg fairing into position and it seems I will be better of cutting the lower part.

The two fairings are now cut.

Then I go on by installing the piano hinge that will close the rear of the fairing once installed on the leg. All this needed the usual drilling, deburring, countersinking and riveting.

The picture show the fairing on the gear leg. I had to trim the lower part a bit as there was some interference with the brake line.

I now have to sand the trailing edge and finish the left side.
Working time on this subpart
Today :  3h (Total : 21h)

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