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Standstill or almost
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The holidays and a cold I can't get rid of brought the building to a standstill. But reading and planning is still allowed.
Here are some links to interesting websites :
- on the EAA website, some videos about technical skills needed
- the december issue of Vans newsletter is avalaibale HERE
- Yann Faure continues building his RV-38 : F-PACY
- Kevin Horton, Bombardier test pilot and b]RV-8[/b] builder has a website full of excellent technical informations about test flying and all kinds of testing. Read what happended to him on the October, 19th and see how sturdy a Lycoming engine and a Hartzell propeller are, even if you have to change them afterwards.

And to finish the new website and address of the Vans Club de France :
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