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Van's training kit is ideal to try to know the tools and techniques that will be used during the construction. The kit is made of two sub-projects : a control look-alike assembly and a small assembly of only three parts.
I first assembled the small three part project and made my share of errors : wrong diameter holes, dimpling on the wrong side, assembly without removing the plastic protection, bad rivets.
The second part went a bit smoother, but there still were a few errors.
All this is useful to find solutions and also to get some training in removing rivets.

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Catégorie: Miscellaneous

As we are still planning the workshop, I bought the Tony Bingelis combo online at the EAA. The four books are based on Tony's famous column in the EAA magazine. Thought dated on some subjects, the books are very helpful getting basic informations on building and learning the english technical vocabulary.
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As we are far from home at the present time, it's not possible to work on the workshop problem. That's why I try to plan ahead, working on anti-corrosion, electrical system (see the good work of Bob Nuckolls atAeroelectric Connection), defining the most important options, trying to get some informations about engine options, visiting other builders website\'s. In fact there are a few things that need to be as clear as possible before beginning actual building, this involves a lot of reading and studying. The Internet is the most valued information source.
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Catégorie: Miscellaneous

You're reading the first entry of our RV-7A building blog.
You may follow the progress on this part of the webside by using a RSS reader.
Different categories are used, they follow the steps used to built an aircraft, beginning with the workshop.
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