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Today, first problem concerning the building of our workshop.
Our workshop size and location are a problem. We have two options, we built anyway with the risk of a lawsuit, or we change our project.
Nothing is decided yet, but the second option would mean (to comply with building policies), less surface, higher costs and quite a delay.
More in a few weeks (professional trip abroad for two months)
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Catégorie: Workshop

All is in the title, for the time being we have no place to built. Our garage is to small and living in the vicinity of Paris makes it very difficult to find a suitable place : 30 square meters, not too far from home and at a decent price.
What we have found so far is either too large and thus to expensive, or too far away to allow for quasi daily work.
What we are intending to do is built a new garage in our garden. Due to the building policy in our town it will be limited to 6,50m x 5,00m. We have chosen a wooden structure so that it remains integrated in our environment.
In a few days from now, we'll apply for the building permit, and then we'll have to wait for two month to know if the building is allowed.
Once the permit granted, we will start shaping the garden and preparing the workshop, before the actual project can begin.
We will post photos once that far.
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You're reading the first entry of our RV-7A building blog.
You may follow the progress on this part of the webside by using a RSS reader.
Different categories are used, they follow the steps used to built an aircraft, beginning with the workshop.
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