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The wing kit arrived today with the empennage kit. The two crates are quite heavy (80 and 90 kgs). The longest one contains the wing spars, some center fuselage bulkhead matched to the wingspar and some aluminium angle (4,60m long) to fabricate the fuselage longerons. The shorter crate contains the wingskins and the ribs. This crate was damaged at one corner but everything was still intact inside.

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Catégorie: Wings

Yesterday we have ordered the wings. It's a bit early to do this, but we wanted to avoid the 1st of January price increase.
We opted for : float-type fuel sending units (don't need to be recalibrated if you mix types of fuel), deluxe lockable fuel caps, flop-type fuel pick-up tube in one tank, and the simple Vans pitot tube.
Delivery should be around mid-march 2006
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