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I worked on the aileron bellcrank, finding all the bits and parts and modifing the two bushings.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  1h (Total : 32h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ailerons

The day begins with the last small pushrod assembly, no problems.

Then I primed the big pushrod.

After the priming I suddenly think I might have a problem with the big pushrod length, and checking it I find that I did cut them too long (the length with the rod-ends inserted). This is not too much of a problem, just cut the tubing to length. But reinstalling the ends might prove problematic. I'll first let the paint cure completly then I'll see what can be done.

This afternoon, the paint was dry, so I cut the rods to the correct lentgh and maanged to re-rivet the threaded ends. I transfered the hole pattern from the old tubing end to the new one by using adhesive tape.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  2h (Total : 31h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ailerons

The rod have to be assembled. On big tube, the threaded rod end is riveted on. I drilled using my drill press, and as the picture shows it went well.

For the smaller tube, I had a problem on one end as I deteriorated the thread. I had to cut off 1/8 of the length, not knowing if it was still OK to use the part, I asked Vans and decided to wait till tomorrow to rivet it.
I riveted the other parts and it did not go that well as you have to use very long rivets wich tend to buckle while squeezing. My solution was to use some shorter rivets and to block the tube in a vise.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  2h (Total : 29h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ailerons

Next I fabricated the ailerons push rods. First they are cut to length, then the inside gets primed.
Each push rod gets bearing at each end, the bearing attach will be riveted to the rod.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  1h (Total : 27h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ailerons

End of left aileron assemnly. The ailerons are now stored under the roof of the workshop.

On the picture, both ailerons, the right part of the elevator and partially visible the horizontal stab.

Working time on this subpart
Today :  3h (Total : 26h)

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