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Rivetted the trailing edge using Vans' method. The rivets are double flush, setting them is a bit special. On the picture one can see the half squeezed rivet, when completlety set the tail will fill the dimple and look as a manufactured head.

The trailing edge tough not straight as a ruler is well within the specifications(less than 0,1 inch)

Then the leading edges are rolled using
Hervé's tool. To get the correct shape, some hand massaging was applied.

And here is the rudder assembled with the horizontal stab.

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Today :  3h (Total : 25h)
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The rudder trailing egde is now glued together, I've done this with a slow curing glue. Tomorrow I'll tackle the riveting.
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Today :  1h (Total : 22h)

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This afternoon, riveting of the rudder. The skins are finished.

Next operation will be to built a straight trailing edge, for the time being it looks good. Ant the last thing will be to roll the leading edge.

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Today :  2h (Total : 21h)

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Today some work on the rudder, first I drilled an aluminium angle to try to fazabricate a straight trailing edge. The I had to file the stiffeners as they were to high by the trailing edge and lastly I had to re-countersink the trailing edge angle as the dimples weren't sitting correctly.
I then primed everything (or I thought so), before beginning the assembly of the skeleton.
I got stopped by the fact I forgot to prime the counterbalance skin. I think I'll first prepare the elevator's stiffeners before the next priming session.

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Today :  5h (Total : 19h)

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After having rivetted the stiffeners to the skin, first assembly of the skins and skeletton. The all the holes get match drilled.

Then everything gets undone, the holes deburred and dimpled. The skeleton was then sanded in preparation for priming. I finished the afternoon by countersinking the angle that finishes the trailing edge. To do this a built a little jig on my drillpress so that the upper face of the angle stays horizontal while drilling.

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Today :  6h (Total : 14h)

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