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I primed the two new wingroot fairings hoping ot get them installed tomorrow.

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Today :  1h (Total : 95h)

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Catégorie: Assembly

I tried finding out why I cannot calibrate the right side magnetometer. The wiring and connections seem right, so I'll make another try at calibration another time.
I also bgan working on the new wing root fairings.

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Today :  2h (Total : 94h)

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Catégorie: Assembly

Yesterday, the plane had it's visit at the radio shop to test all the equipment. After a small problem with the VHF fuse, all was deemed in working condition by the technician and I got the aircraft radio license.
back at the hangar I checked the P-Mag wiring and found bad wired switches, it run perfectly now.
With satisfaction I also found that for the time being there is no leak on the left fuel tank.

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Today :  1h (Total : 92h)

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Catégorie: Assembly

Before refuelling we finished the mandatory markings on the plane. First under the left wing, then by riveting the small stainless steel plaque that would be used in case of accident.
We also reinstalled the ruuder cables.

After some small works on the engine (safety wiring the quick iol drain and the oil filter and noticing that the eloetronic ignition does not seem to be energized), the plane took it's first fresh air out of the hangar.

We the filled up the left tank qith 79 litres of fuel. We did this with small steps to be able to calibrate the fuel gauges.
It seems there are no big leaks, but let's wait a few days.
We also calibrated the magnetometers, not problem on the left side but it seems there is a wiring problem on the right side.

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Today :  4h (Total : 91h)

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Catégorie: Assembly

Today with Sabine's help and with a hand from some fellow builders we weighted the aircraft.
The picture shows the scales under the main wheels, we then weighed the front wheel while keeping the aircraft level.
The weight is at 1134lbs and the arm is correct, first simulations shows no problems with weight and balance. Painting will have to be carefully however so as not to lose too much payload.

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Today :  3h (Total : 87h)

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