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The workshop need some cleaning before the winter session. The paints, resins and other stuff usable when by warm weather were put into storage and all the parts needed for the panel and electricty taken out of storage.
I also found two problems.
First, despite being careful, the right fuel line is bent and nedds to be replaced. I think I will go with hoses.

Then I found the throttle cable I ordered this summer doesn't have the correct mounting hardware so I will have to reorder the correct one.

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Today :  2h (Total : 3h)

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Catégorie: Miscellaneous

To be able to work on the cowl, the propeller and later the canopy again, I had to turn the plane around.
Sabine and Antoine gave a hand, the plane is quite heavier with the engine.
Antoine had to try out the seating.

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After more than one month without being able to go to the workshop, one hour only today to make some claenup and get the fuselage out for the first time. In preparation fo the engine hanging, I turned the fuselage around in the workshop to make it easier working on the engine.
Here the roll-out, only parts of an inch on each side, I might have to use some tricks once the engine in hanging.

And the fuselage outside, before the 180°.

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Today :  1h (Total : 1h)

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The holidays and a cold I can't get rid of brought the building to a standstill. But reading and planning is still allowed.
Here are some links to interesting websites :
- on the EAA website, some videos about technical skills needed
- the december issue of Vans newsletter is avalaibale HERE
- Yann Faure continues building his RV-38 : F-PACY
- Kevin Horton, Bombardier test pilot and b]RV-8[/b] builder has a website full of excellent technical informations about test flying and all kinds of testing. Read what happended to him on the October, 19th and see how sturdy a Lycoming engine and a Hartzell propeller are, even if you have to change them afterwards.

And to finish the new website and address of the Vans Club de France :
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Catégorie: Miscellaneous

Today project got inspected by the regulatory authority. This takes place before the wings can be closed.
We made a complete tour of the project : the wings, the fuselage, the engine and all the papers I already have.
There was no problem about the quality of my work.
We also talked about the next steps, mainly the last one before I get flight permission.
For that visit I will need some official papers, and also some items will have to be on board.
The only problem we found was about performing aerobatics. The problem is that the canopy should be jettisonnable and I modifed the mechanism. Anyway, the struts will also prevent the canopy from leaving the plane and might prevent the pilot's egress. So I will have to see if it's still possible to modify the plane or if I will drop the aerobatic side of the mission.
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