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Wiring schematics
All the wiring schematics to document the wiring of the aircraft
The schematics appended to this article are still "work in progress". They ar produced using an outdate version of TurboCad purchased for a few euros on E-bay. They are then printed in PDF format.
The drawings are almost complete but there will be some changes once they are applied to the real world.
The schematics are in french only.

The drawings

- Overview
- Grounding
- Avionics
- Battery-Alternator-Busses
- EFIS Battery
- Ignition
- Starter
- Fuel
- Flaps
- Trim
- Lighting
- Intercom
- Transponder
- Angle of attack
- Autopilot
- Busses in detail
- terminal strips

And all the drawings in one file (dated 12/8/09)
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