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All the main ribs are now sanded. Before beginning the priming, I began assembling the leading edges and the fuel tanks. See those entries.
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Today :  1h (Total : 16h)

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Not so funny work, sanding the main ribs. It took two hours to do a wing and a half.
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Today :  2h (Total : 15h)

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Today I begun by refluting some of the ribs. Then I begun drilling the wiring conduit holes. The wiring are used for naviagtion lights, landing lights, antennas and even maybe an autopilot servo.
Van's is suggesting either to enlarge a tooling hole or to drill a new hole in the lower part of the web. The two positions are marked on the picture below and I decide to drill both, we'll see later how I will use them.

The tooling hole enlargment is easy, the second hole is a bit more tricky. We want the holes to be aligned but the ribs come in different flavors: different length, some have the flanges looking right other have them looking left. On a builder's website, I found a nice and easy method: the idea is to build a small jig that will be aligned on fixed marks on the rib.
With some aluminium crap, I fabricated the small jig visible on the picture. The lower edge of the jig is aligned with the lower edge of the rib and the corner marked H is aligned with the rim of the second lightening hole. As all the second lightening holes are aligned, the jig gets a fixed position on the rib. On the picture, the jig is placed on a "left" rib, the hole has been backdrilled from the first rib.

On this picture we have a "right" rib, the jig has just to be flipped over to drill this type of ribs.

Then the holes get drilled to 3/4" with a step drill, this is straightforward.

Here is the result with the ribs assembled to the spar, looks pretty straight to me.

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Today :  3h (Total : 13h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ribs

Today, all the remaining ribs got squared and deburred. Then I tackled the fluting problem. The rib has to be fluted so as to stay flat on the tabletop and so as the holes are aligned with the wingskin holes. For the main ribs this is quite easy to achieve, not so for the leading edge and tank skins. For the latter, each correction in one way may be cancelled by another correction. I went slowly.
On the picture, a leading edge rib before fluting.

The same after fluting.

And as all the ribs are done, I clecoed them to the spar. This way I could mark and also mark the spot where I will drill for the electrical wire conduit.

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Today :  5h (Total : 10h)

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Catégorie: Wings : Ribs

Today I did some edge deburring on the main ribs, leading edge ribs and tank ribs. Then the rib flanges have to be made perpendicular to the web. Due to the fabricating process the ribs come quite deformed and squaring the flange is the first operation in getting a usable rib. Here is the flange before beginning.

And here after the squaring.

To work more rapidly I use my mallet instead of the hand seamer.

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Today :  3h (Total : 5h)

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