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Bog day today, as it was engine hanging day. I first get the engine of the transport box floor. The picture was taken before the engine was turned to be hoisted from the propeller side and not from the engine mount side.

The engine installing procedure is not straightforward as the engine mount is called dynafocal, which means the four bolts used are pointing towards the center of the engine and will align with the mount once the shock mounts are compressed. The following link on VansAirForce explain a way to do it, and it worked.
The two upper bolts were installed without any problem. Here I a am, with my friend Jean-Pierre trying to see how to install the third bolt at the lower right. A little rocking of the engine and it was installed without difficulty.

The fourth bolts is another problem. The shock mount is not aligned with the hole in the engine. We tried a few thing to get the alignment correct : unbolt the other bolts, hoisting the engine and the fuselage, but nothing worked. The answer was in the procedure, but I had not fully understood it. The idea is to use a tool (screwdriver or punch) to move the hole of the rubber mount in alignment with the engine (and not move the engine).
We needed the same time for the last bolt as for three first. And after 1h30mn of work, here are three happy workers.
Still some work ahead though.

Sabine had to check that the engine was bolted on correctly.

After the bolts were bolted down, the difficult part was installing the cotter-pins as they are almost impossible to insert and bend.

Then we installed the propeller spacer, the spinner rear mounting plate, some wodd to simulate the propeller thickness and the spinner forward mounting plate.
This is needed to position the engine cowling as the it needs to positionned with a reference to the rear spinner mounting plate.

And just for fun, the upper cowl in position.

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Today :  4h (Total : 6h)

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The engine hanging being nearer and nearer, I work on the engine equipment that's easier to install with the engine off the fuselage.
First the elbow oil pressure fitting gets installed. I used the aft pressure port, but had to remove one bolt of the magneto.
The side port makes for an easier install now, but once the engine installed there is no more access to the fitting.

Then I install the fitting for the hose from the engine to the oil cooler. In the plans, this fitting is an elbow fitting, but I only had one and had to use it elsewhere. We'll see later if Ihave to change that straight fitting for the other one.

This is the port where the line with the cooled oil from the cooler is brought back to the engine. The port is behind the oil filter which has to come of to gain access. I also have to use an elbow fitting to clear the filter.

And the result, the engine is ready for installation.

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Today :  1h (Total : 2h)

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As my parents are visiting, I took the opportunity to move the engine from my neighbour's garage to the workshop. The picture shows the engine on two dollies, on the left the pallet on which the engine was delivered and in the back the thick cardboard box.

The garden encounter of the engine and of the fuselage.

And the engine in the workshop, with the hoist we used to remove the dollies. The engine will get of the supports only before engine hanging.

Here a rear view of the engine with clockwise from the top : the white oil filter, the vacuum pump or standby alternator pad in black, the Pmag electronic ignition, the propeller governor pad with the gold cover, the fuel pump (conical) and the standard mag with the ignition wires.

Here a view from the front with the starter ring gear. The plug is in place at the center as the engine is built for a constant speed propeller but I will you a use fixed-pitch.

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Today :  1h (Total : 1h)

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The engine has been delivered this morning after another speedy customs clearing by Schenker-Bax Global.
The (carboard) box is quite heavy but seems plenty strong.

Once the box open the engine is plastic wrapped and all the documents are in a nice black bag. The yellow tag says that the engine was bench tested on Oct, 17th.

At Mattituck, each engine is assembled by only one person whose signature is on the engine case.

Once the cardboard removed, we can see that the engine is bolted to the wooden floor. The two small boxes contain the hoses, the injection system and part of the ignition harness.

And, some happy builder.

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I received a mail from Mattituck telling me that my engine was ready to be shipped, pending the funds transfer. I think the engine will be here within the next ten days. To have some storing space, I have to clean up my neighbour's garage.First I disassemble the fusleage crate on leave only the propeller and the canopy.

I will have to find some space for the cowls, the gear fairings and the spinner

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