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Passengers : Some more passengers
le 25-08-2012 14:30:00 (2176 lectures)

Rachel my sister and family are visiting. All could not fly during our stay in Alsace, so the unlucky one's flew today.

First one was Rachel.

Her flight on Google Earth. To see the goal of our fly, zoom on the western part of the track, we also had a great view of the Blandy les Tours castle.

Then my niece Mylène, we flew south of the filed over the Seine river.

Last one was my brother in law Philippe. No picture as the photographers were gone shopping as we had to wait for as shower to clear.

Passengers : First passenger
le 14-04-2012 14:30:00 (2542 lectures)

The official papers are here, the timetable had a slot and the weather was great for Sabine to have her first flight ine our plane. We just fleq around Nangis, did some slow and fast flight and some steep turns. She enjoyed every minute.

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