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Maintenance : Before an oil change
le 20-04-2013 18:20:00 (2507 lectures)

Today we made a small flight with Sabine to get the oil warm for the oil change. We visited Seine-et-Marne and took a nice picture of Fontainebleau castle.

We the performed the oil change and as the engine was uncowled, I learned how th measure the compression. Rémy, a RV-8 builder was my teacher. As the engine is quasi new, the compressions are on the  mark.

Sabine also got to help with maintenance.

Maintenance : Annual inspection
le 26-10-2012 18:46:52 (2470 lectures)

Not many flights the last days as we reached 50 hours and maintenance was due. As the annual is to be performed before december I decided to anticipate it. It's the first big inspection so I had some news tasks, small defects to correct and a lot of panels to remove and reinstall.

I finished today with a small 20mn flight.

Maintenance : First oil change
le 05-06-2012 19:50:00 (2516 lectures)

Siw month ago was the first flight, I'm nearing 25 hours and it's time for the first maintenance. Mainly change the oil and the oil filter, open all hatches, check that everything works and is not lose.

The only big problem I found was tha tha alternate air door rivets got loose, something to fix before next flight.

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