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Other flights : New vidéo
le 28-05-2012 20:29:10 (2362 lectures)

Today I made another one hour flight to get some engine parameters and troubleshoot a problem with my right EFIS. I also made a new video with the camera under the wing. Ths position is not great it should be more forward near the leading edge.


Other flights : Video
le 27-05-2012 11:38:57 (2302 lectures)

After a few setbacks, I managed to get a video with the camera on the wing. I made a one hour flight to record some engine parameters, the video show about ten minutes.




Cross-country : First nav
le 01-05-2012 17:28:33 (2257 lectures)

Today, first small cross-country flight to Brienne le Chateau ex NATO airbase now dedicated to parajumping.

I had the camera on the wingtip but the recording failed. We didn't take any still pictures either.

In total 1h30mn of flighttime today.

Passengers : First passenger
le 14-04-2012 14:30:00 (2575 lectures)

The official papers are here, the timetable had a slot and the weather was great for Sabine to have her first flight ine our plane. We just fleq around Nangis, did some slow and fast flight and some steep turns. She enjoyed every minute.

Test flights : Last flight test
le 31-03-2012 18:50:00 (2881 lectures)

Today, I first tried to troubleshoot my OAt problem. I replaced the wire from the probe to the cockpit. To do this I had to remove the floors, the fuel pump fairings, the wing access panels. All seemed to work, but onve everything was reinstalled, the temperature still does not work. I'll see again next time.
I managed to make a 45mn flight which closes the official test phase.
This is a picture taken recently by a friend.

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