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Today I installes the engine cowls and taxied with everything buttoned up. I found the plane wants to turn left, I couldnot troubleshoot but think it has to do with the braking system.
I also have a problem with the throttle throaw as I don't have enough throw to go from the idle to full power stops.
The good news is that everything seems to be working with the cowls on.

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Today :  3h (Total : 111h)

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Catégorie: Assembly

Today I began by reinstalling the fairings and covers after the inspection. I alos corrected the small discrepancies that had be noted.
I managed to do the first taxi. The engine started flawlessly and taxying was straightforward. Turning is possible with a smal radius and at low speed.
Video is unfortunately usable.

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Today :  3h (Total : 108h)

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This mornings all the parts I have assembled for the last five and a half year officially became an airplane after inspection by the authorities.
First the inspector checked the paperwork ; weight and balance, maintance schedule, engine, propeller and radio release papers. He then inspected the airframe, found a missing screw on a wing root fairing and two caps that need to be safetywired on the engine.
He finally declared the we have a plane.
First flight will be planned once I get the release papers from the authorities, usually takes between one and two weeks.
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Today I finally installed the wing root fairings with the seal upright.
I also compensated the wet commpass, I'll have to do it precisely later.
I checked the wiring and connexions of the right magnétometer, everything seems correct but I'm still unable to calibrate it. I'll check with GRT.
I then started the engine and checked the right fuel tank, the magnetos, the loading of the EFIS battery, and the P-mag internal alternator.
After engine cut-off, I noticed some oil on the left side of the firewall. I found a lower spark plug that was not torqued correctly.
I initially wanted to taxy the aircraft but will do it next time.
Tomorrow, the plane will get it's final inspection.

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Today :  3h (Total : 105h)

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This is a short video of the first engine start.

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