Test flights : First flight
le 12-10-2011 18:10:00 (7874 lectures)

Today, the weather was fine so I went to the field with Guillaume, Sabine was working.
We installed the cowlings, started the engines to warm the oil.
I then préflighted the aircraft for a last time and under the eyes of fellow builders Remy, fréderec and Michele began taxying.

Take off was uneventfull, I climbed in a right turn over the field  to 3000ft. There I assessed handling, the plane flies straight, rudder use will have to be looked at a bit more carefully. I checked speed indications against GPS ground speed. Then slowed down to 75kts with 1/3 flaps and to 65kts with full flaps. I did some turns at this speed and the cleaned up accelerated with full throttle to 140kts (without pants). I gently descended to a left hand downwind, established on long final with full flaps and speed at 70kts. I reduced to 65kts approaching the threshold. Landing was smooth but I should have held the nose up a bit longer. I then taxied back with an big RV-grin.
This is a video of the take-off. Guillaume will do some editing with all the stuff he has available.

I was at the controls, but a lot more people near or far had a hand at today's event. Many thanks to

Sabine, Guillaume, Antoine, Pierre, Augustine, Isabelle, Raymond, Jean-Pierre, Muriel, Gilles, Daniel, Annie, Michel, Gaël, Michèle, Jeremy, Rémy, Frédéric, Christophe, Jérome, André, Dennis, Hervé, Jean, Alain, Patrick, Yann, Quentin, Didier, Antoine

And I'm sure others, I hope they will forgive me.

Two pictures taken by Michèle Delsol from her RV-8 at the holding point

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