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Test flights : Flight 7 and 8
le 26-02-2012 18:00:00 (1411 lectures)

Today, I made two flights addong 2h15mn.
I made the first stalls. No flaps stall occurs at 47 kts with somme buffeting at 49 kts. With full flaps, the stall speed was 42kts. There is no problem during the stall, a small preference to dip the left wing and the plan flies again as soon as back pressure is released.
I made 9 landings, made some notes on performances.
On the second flight Jeremy and Remy flew a loose formation (I'm not trained for this) and made som pictures. They were taken from some distance.
I will try to add a video if I have some time to edit the takes.

Test flights : 5th and 6th flight
le 11-02-2012 19:10:00 (1478 lectures)

Temperatures are too low to work in the hangar, but the weather is sunny so I went flying. I managed to make two one hour flight. Still the same problems : the OAT not working and the VOR reception being lower than expected.
For the second flight I made some go-arounds, some touch and gos, tested half flap landings. On the last  landing, ths flaps got stuck due to a blown fuse. This is a known problem, I replaced  the the 5A fuse with  7,5A.
A small video about the flight.

Test flights : Fourth flight
le 15-01-2012 19:03:05 (1556 lectures)

Today, with Sabien we stayed a ggod part of the day at the hangar. We reinstalled the OAT probe. It worked for part of the flight but the stopped giving valid indications, some more troubleshooting to do.
During the flight I noted that the VOR was working, I made some performance measures and opened the speed range. I could fly at 50 KIAS without stalling and the throttled up to 164 KIAS. I made two landings. I lowered the approach speed for the seconf landing but I'm not really convinced.

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Test flights : Third flight
le 24-12-2011 18:10:00 (1430 lectures)

Just before Christmas I managed to perform a third flight. I checked the speed indication which are precise enough to go on with further expanding the flight enveloppe. I have the OAT not working and no reception on the VOR, I'll have to troubleshoot this before next flight.
This is a short video of the take-off

Test flights : Second flight
le 17-12-2011 19:10:36 (1772 lectures)

Today I flew almost one hour still checking engine reliability and handling. I did some slow flight but no stalls. I checked the systems and fousn a few small problems, not affecting the flying capacities.
I finished the flight with a touch and go, so two landings today.
This is the Google Earth trace of the flight

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