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Cross-country : First cross-country
le 07-07-2012 20:30:00 (2614 lectures)

The goal of our first cross-country flight was to see the paint shop and also to see Sabine's parents in the Landes. For agenda purpose we will first fly to the Landes in south west of France Our first scheduled stop was supposed to be Angoulême. Here we cross the Loire river under blue skies.

The weather deteriorates and after Poitiers the clouds cover the skies and the ceiling get lower and lower. As Angoulême is under a thundestorm we decide to land at Limoges to our east.

We refuell and stop for lunch at the airport restaurant. After a 1h40mn stop we continue our flight and finally see the coast line, our destination Contis and it's lighthouse. After 3h12mn of flight since Nangis we land at Mimizan.

Next day we are stuck on the ground by bad weather. The day after, the weather clears somewhat and we can fly to Lezignan to the the paint shop Aéro-styll. Crossing the Toulouse area has to be done at low level by following a tortuous track and overflying some waypoints, this is one over small lakes.

This is the medieval city of Carcassonne just a few minutes before landing at Lezignan.

After the flight back to Mimizan I made a short flight with my stepfather.

Flight back to Nangis we follow the coast line to the north along the Pyla dune.

We overfly Marennes and the ponds were oysters are grown.

And the Ré island and La Rochelle.

We the turn east towards Saumur our scheduled stop. The weather deteriorates a bit, we have to dodge some rain and land at Saumur between two showers. We will stay for 2h30mn waiting for the weather to clear.

We cross the Loire north of Blois and land at Nangis after 2h45mn of flight since Mimizan.

A few lessons learned from this week of flying.

The plane worked perfectly, but we have a small glitch with the autopilot. The plane slept for the first time outside a hangar and we have some rain getting in if the cover is not installed.

I will have to add a few things to the flying kit (tools, oil...).

Overall ATC, both civilian and military, was very helpfull, only difficulty was the crossing of the Toulouse area (thanks GPS!).

Other flights : In flight with Antoine
le 02-07-2012 19:06:14 (2347 lectures)

Today Antoine (the A from F-PSGA) made his first flight. A few turns, a stall and two landings and were done.

We experimented a new camera angle.


Other flights : With Guillaume
le 01-07-2012 17:10:00 (2304 lectures)

Today Guillaume (the G in F-PSGA) made  it's first flight. We made some turns, some stalls, he was impressed and happy.

He made a nice picture before the flight.

Other flights : Post maintenance flight
le 23-06-2012 19:30:00 (2192 lectures)

After maintenance, I did a short flight to check that everything works.

No problems found.

I made a short video, next time I'll try right turns !!!!!!

Maintenance : First oil change
le 05-06-2012 19:50:00 (2213 lectures)

Siw month ago was the first flight, I'm nearing 25 hours and it's time for the first maintenance. Mainly change the oil and the oil filter, open all hatches, check that everything works and is not lose.

The only big problem I found was tha tha alternate air door rivets got loose, something to fix before next flight.

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