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Maintenance : Service Bulletin 2
le 05-02-2014 17:00:00 (2389 lectures)

Aujourd'hui, passage au hangar pour appliquer les deux récents Service Bulletin. Pour accéder facilement avec de l'éclairage j'utilise une petite caméra de dentiste trouvée sur E-bay. La résolution est bonne, 6 petites LED fournissent un éclairage plus que suffisant (voir ICI, ou rechercher "Dental camera sur E-bay).

Voici les photos des 4 coins à vérifier sur le longeron avant du plan fixe horizontal.

Et voici un petit film pour la vérification d'un des points d'attache de la profondeur.

Aucune crique n'a été détectée.

Maintenance : Service Bulletin
le 04-02-2014 10:30:00 (2394 lectures)

Maintenance : No flight today
le 15-12-2013 15:20:00 (2192 lectures)

I just wanted to uninstall the autopilot head controller and the pitch servo as I will replace them. The controller screen is slowly lossing some pixels and there is an upgrade available. No complicated work but a lof of work due to limited access to some components.

I then noted there was some fuel smell in the cabin so I had a look and found a leaking B-nut that had not been correctly tightened during the annual. I postponed the flight waiting fo the fumes to dissipate.

Maintenance : Annual
le 24-10-2013 17:20:00 (2349 lectures)

It's october again, time for an annual. Today Sabine helped me to wrap up everything. For two days I had been disassembling and reassembling the plane.(I think there are almost 300 screws to undo to gain access to the innards)

I found nothing very important ; a tiny fuel leak near the fuel filter, the pitot bolts needed to be retorqued, the nowe wheel brake out force modified and the landing light grounded again that was all.
The rivets, bolts, nuts and pins where all at the same position I had mounted them.
Then a first engine start with cowlings removed to check for leaks.

The once evrything is back in place a complete test run to wheck all the parameters.

Now I have to find a mean to drive out the little owl that is living part time in the hangar. I'm quite happy to have covers.

Maintenance : Problem
le 26-04-2013 18:10:00 (2263 lectures)

As I was about to finish the inspection, I notices there was a crack on the rear baffle supporting the oil cooler. This problem is known and I had tried to anticipate it by installing a steel brace (see here). It seems it was not enough.

The crack is the thin vertical line near the nutplate on the right.

The part is off the engine. The crack is on the smaller side on the right. Now, on to the repair.

The part is now repaired, I riveted a reinforcing angle.

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